Shipping Samples from Foreign Countries

The Agdia Testing Services 17025 ISO accredited lab is located in the United States. In order to import your samples to our lab, you must send your samples through an inspection station. Each package must have a USDA issued red/white label on the outside of it in order to proceed through the inspection station. The red/white label has a unique ID that is linked to you and our company and ensures that the proper protocols have been followed in importing your samples.

To obtain this label, you must apply for an Agdia diagnostic permit packet. This packet contains a copy of Agdia's USDA-issued Diagnostic Permit, 4 Permit Pouches with labels, instructions on how to package and ship your samples and a sample submission form. The Permit Packet carries a $50.00 fee.

When making your request for the Permit Packet, by phone (574-327-6071) or email, the information we need you to provide is: 

  • Name of the person receiving the packet
  • Company name
  • Shipping address the packet will be delivered to
  • (The Permit Packet will be shipped via bonded courier and can not be shipped to a PO Box.)
  • Billing address, if different from the shipping address
  • Phone number
  • Fax number
  • Email address 

Whether this is your first time sending samples, or you have sent samples to us many times before, it is important for us to understand what information you need and how you plan to use your results. The Testing Services that we recommend for will be customized to your specific situation. We will work with you to make sure you get the right services for your needs in the most economical manner.

When you make your decision to send samples to Agdia Testing Services, it is very important that your first step is to make your request for the Permit Packet.  Samples that are packaged or shipped incorrectly could be stopped and destroyed by the USDA inspectors at the port of entry. 

Also, if samples are shipped directly to Agdia Testing Services and do not go through a USDA inspection, we are instructed by the conditions of our permit to destroy the samples upon arrival.  To make your request, click here.