Sending Samples To Agdia Testing Services

To assure that your samples arrive to us in the best possible condition, please follow these instructions when collecting plant tissue. 

Always collect fresh material.  Place the samples in a heavy plastic Zip-Loc® bag.  Do not place wet or dry paper towel in the plastic bag with the sample.  If the sample is damp, blot dry before placing into plastic bag.  If you are collecting multiple samples, mark each bag with an identifying name or number that corresponds with the identification you provided on the completed sample submission form We will use that same identifier when we prepare your test report.

Choose samples that display symptoms such as spots, mosaic or wilt.  If no symptoms are present, choose both young and old leaves.  Collect up to ten leaves per sample.  If you are sending tissue culture plantlets, they should be at least two inches in height.  If you have questions about sending tissue types other than leaves or tissue culture plantlets, please contact us.

Collect samples as close as possible to the time you will be sending them.  Samples should be free of moisture, soil and insects. If it is not possible to collect samples the day of shipping, make sure that samples are kept free of moisture and stored in the refrigerator prior to shipping.  Do not freeze samples or allow them to get wet.  Pack the bagged samples in a cardboard box.  Do not ship with ice or ice packs, samples could be crushed during shipment.

If shipping from a US territory, click here.

If shipping from a foreign location, click here.

For samples being shipped from inside the contiguous United States, please use an overnight courier; such as Fedex or UPS. Hemp tissues should be shipped using the US Postal Service (USPS). Keep a copy of your tracking information, in the event that your package does not arrive on time.  It is very important that you include your completed sample submission form with your shipment.  If we receive your samples without adequate information, your testing could be delayed.

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