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We've spent over a decade developing a comprehensive and superior quality product line-up for seed purity testing. Whether you use our ELISA tests or rapid ImmunoStrip tests, you can be certain that our products will give you reliable results, every time.

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Getting you accurate results fast... Our #1 priority.

We test hundreds of species of plants from all over the world... every day. With more than 33 years of experience we can assure you will get fast, accurate, and confidential results.


We have recently learned that a New York company called Creative Biolabs Inc. and doing business under the name “Creative Diagnostics” has been buying Agdia products, relabeling them with Creative Diagnostics logos, and re-selling them to the public. Creative Diagnostics is not an authorized reseller of Agdia products, and we have taken action to stop these unauthorized sales. Buying directly from Agdia or from our approved distributors ensures you receive the most current products with accurate and up-to-date product instructions. Products shipped and sold outside of the Agdia network are no longer subject to our quality controls, and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of product instructions prepared by others. If you see Agdia products labeled or marketed under some other brand name, please notify us right away.

AmplifyRP® Isothermal Amplification

 GMO / Trait Diagnostics