Product Return Policy

Products, such as but not limited to; reagents, instruments, equipment, and disposables may only be returned to Agdia if you have received the wrong item or if the product has been found to be defective within the applicable warranty period due to a dispensing or manufacturing error by Agdia. The warranty period for Agdia products varies. While most products are warranted for a period of one year, it is important that you confirm and verify the warranty period on a product by product basis as some products may be coved by third party or OEM warranties. In most cases, the warranty expiration date of a product will be on the product label or in the product user guide. If you have any questions about the applicable warranty period, contact Agdia before ordering. AmpliFire demos may be available for evaluation, please contact for more information.

Products which you believe are entitled to be returned, must be issued a return of goods authorization (“RGA”) number from Agdia prior to any return. Some products, depending on their nature, require special handling. Please call or e-mail (“Agdia”) for specific return instruction and your RGA number before proceeding with any return.

Agdia reserves the right to inspect all products returned. If the product is found to be within quality assurance parameters, the product will be returned to you, at your expense, along with an invoice for any additional costs that Agdia has incurred. The additional costs shall include, but may not be limited to, shipping charges and labor costs associated with all of the assurance testing. Costs associated with this process may be indicated on the RGA form that you must complete prior to returning a product.

If Agdia determines that a product did not meet quality assurance specifications, at Agdia’s discretion, you will receive either a replacement product without additional charge or a credit for the amount paid for the returned product.

Agdia does not warrant, and will not be held liable for, any of its products that fail due to the following conditions: (1) The product is being used for purposes other than what is described in the product user guide; (2) The product is being used beyond its labeled expiration date; (3) The product fails because of a protocol error (i.e. dispensing, timing, sampling errors); (4) The product has not been stored according to its instructions; (5) The product does not work because it has been damaged due to shipment and/or customs delays or neglect. In the case of shipping damage, you may be eligible to file a claim with the carrier for the insured value (Agdia insures at retail value with most carriers). You must contact Agdia immediately upon receipt of the damaged product if this is the case, as Agdia is usually required to initiate the claim with the carrier; or (6) Agdia is not able to monitor the dispensing practices of its customers, therefore, cannot warrant products that are subject to multiple uses once it has been opened (coating antibodies, enzyme conjugates, substrate, etc.). A product being opened for the first time within the expiration date is covered by Agdia’s warranty.