Tospovirus Group Test

This test reacts with a variety of viruses in the Orthotospovirus genus. The list below represents tospoviruses that have been experimentally detected with our Tospovirus Group PCR and confirmed by sequencing.


  • Alstroemeria necrotic streak virus (ANSV)
  • Capsicum chlorosis virus (CaCV)
  • Chrysanthemum stem necrosis virus (CSNV)
  • Groundnut ringspot virus (GRSV)
  • Impatiens necrotic spot virus (INSV)
  • Iris yellow spot virus (IYSV)
  • Soybean vein necrosis virus (SVNV)
  • Tomato chlorotic spot virus (TCSV)
  • Tomato spotted wilt virus (TSWV)
  • Watermelon silver mottle virus (WSMoV)

The list below represents tospoviruses that have not been experimentally detected, but based on in silico analysis, will likely be detected with our Tospovirus Group PCR. If you have a sample of one of these pathogens, please contact  


  • Bean necrotic mosaic virus (BeNMV)
  • Calla lily chlorotic spot virus (CCSV)
  • Groundnut bud necrosis virus (GBNV)
  • Groundnut chlorotic fan-spot virus (GCFSV)
  • Hippeastrum chlorotic ringspot virus (HCRV)
  • Melon severe mosaic virus (MeSMV)
  • Melon yellow spot virus (MYSV)
  • Mulberry vein banding virus (MVBaV)
  • Peanut bud necrosis virus (PBNV)
  • Pepper chlorotic spot virus (PCSV)
  • Polygonum ringspot virus (PolRSV)
  • Tomato necrotic spot-associated virus (TNSaV)
  • Tomato yellow fruit ring virus (TYFRV)
  • Tomato yellow ring virus (TYRV)
  • Tomato zonate spot virus (TZSV)
  • Watermelon bud necrosis virus (WBNV)
  • Zucchini lethal chlorosis virus (ZLCV)

Pathogens are added to these lists as they are shown to be detected by in vitro or in silico analysis. Check here regularly for updates.