Tobamovirus Group Test

This test reacts with a variety of viruses in the Tobamovirus genus. The list below represents Tobamoviruses that have been experimentally detected with our Tobamovirus Group PCR and confirmed by sequencing.


  • Bell pepper mottle virus (BPeMV)
  • Chili pepper mild mottle virus (CPMMoV)
  • Cucumber green mottle mosaic virus (CGMMV)
  • Kyuri green mild mottle virus (KGMMV)
  • Obuda pepper virus (OBPV)
  • Odontoglossum ringspot virus (ORSV)
  • Paprika mild mottle virus (PaMMV)
  • Pepper mild mottle virus (PMMoV)
  • Piper chlorosis virus (PChV)
  • Rehmannia mosaic virus (ReMV)
  • Ribgrass mosaic virus (RMV)
  • Sunn-hemp mosaic virus (SHMV)
  • Tobacco mild green mosaic virus (TMGMV)
  • Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV)
  • Tomato brown rugose fruit virus (ToBRFV)
  • Tomato mosaic virus (ToMV)
  • Tomato mottle mosaic virus (ToMMV)
  • Tropical soda apple mosaic virus (TSAMV)
  • Turnip vein clearing virus (TVCV)
  • Yellow tailflower mild mottle virus (YTMMV)
  • Youcai mosaic virus (YoMV)
  • Zucchini green mottle mosaic virus (ZGMMV)

The list below represents Tobamoviruses that have not been experimentally detected, but based on in silico analysis, will likely be detected with our Tobamovirus Group PCR. If you have a sample of one of these pathogens, please contact  


  • Abutilon yellow mosaic virus (AbYMV)
  • Brugmansia mild mottle virus (BrMMV)
  • Cactus  mild mottle virus (CMMoV)
  • Clitoria yellow mottle virus (CliYMMV)
  • Cucumber fruit mottle mosaic virus (CFMMV)
  • Cucumber mottle virus (CuMoV)
  • Hibiscus latent Fort Pierce virus (HLFPV)
  • Hibiscus latent Singapore virus (HLSV)
  • Hoya chlorotic spot virus (HoCSV)
  • Maracuja mosaic virus (MarMV)
  • Passion fruit mosaic virus (PafMV)
  • Plumeria mosaic virus (PluMV)
  • Rattail cactus necrosis-associated virus (RCNAV)
  • Streptocarpus flower break virus (SFBV)
  • Wasabi mottle virus (WMoV)
  • Watermelon green mottle mosaic virus (WGMMV)

Pathogens are added to these lists as they are shown to be detected by in vitro or in silico analysis. Check here regularly for updates.