Carmovirus-Pelarspovirus Group Test

This test reacts with a variety of viruses in the Alphacarmovirus, Betacarmovirus, Gammacarmovirus, and Pelarspovirus genera of the Procedovirinae subfamily. The list below represents virus species that have been experimentally detected with our Carmovirus-Pelarspovirus Group PCR and confirmed by sequencing.


  • Angelonia flower break virus (AnFBV)
  • Calibrachoa mottle virus (CbMV)
  • Cardamine chlorotic fleck virus (CCFV)
  • Carnation mottle virus (CarMV)
  • Clematis chlorotic mottle virus (ClCMV)
  • Cowpea mottle virus (CPMoV)
  • Elderberry latent virus (ELV)
  • Hibiscus chlorotic ringspot virus (HCRSV)
  • Maize chlorotic mottle virus (MCMV)*
  • Melon necrotic spot virus (MNSV)
  • Pelargonium chlorotic ring pattern virus (PCRPV)
  • Pelargonium flower break virus (PFBV)
  • Pelargonium line pattern virus (PLPV)
  • Pelargonium ringspot virus (PelRSV)
  • Saguaro cactus virus (SgCV) 
  • Tobacco necrosis virus A (TNV-A)**
  • Turnip crinkle virus (TCV)

*This is a Machlomovirus.

**This is an Alphanecrovirus.

The list below represents virus species that have not been experimentally detected, but based on in silico analysis, will likely be detected with our Carmovirus-Pelarspovirus Group PCR. If you have a sample of one of these pathogens, please contact  


  • Galinsoga mosaic virus (GAMV)
  • Honeysuckle ringspot virus (HRSV)
  • Japanese iris necrotic ring virus (JINRV)
  • Nootka lupine vein clearing virus (NLVCV)
  • Pea stem necrosis virus (PSNV)
  • Rosa rugosa leaf distortion virus (RRLDV)
  • Soybean yellow mottle mosaic virus (SYMMV)
  • Trailing lespedeza virus 1 (TLV1)***

***This is an unassigned member of the Procedovirinae subfamily.

Pathogens are added to these lists as they are shown to be detected by in vitro or in silico analysis. Check here regularly for updates.