Epiphyllum (orchid cactus), Opuntia (nopal), Pitaya (dragon fruit), Schlumbergera (holiday cactus / zygocactus)

Cactus Screen (9 tests)




Beet western yellows virus BWYV ELISA
Groundnut ringspot virus / Tomato chlorotic spot virus GRSV/TCSV ELISA
Impatiens necrotic spot virus INSV ELISA

Potexvirus-Allexivirus group test

(Cactus virus X, Opuntia virus X, Pitaya virus X, Schlumbergera virus X, Zygocactus virus X)

Potex PCR
Potyvirus group test POTY ELISA
Rhizoctonia solani Rhiz ELISA

Tobamovirus group test

(Cactus mild mottle virus, Opuntia chlorotic ringspot virus, Rattail cactus necrosis associated virus, Tobacco mosaic virus)

Tobamo PCR
Tomato spotted wilt virus TSWV ELISA
Xanthomonas spp. Xan ELISA

The above listed tests are recommendations based on published findings, common requirements for international trade, and positivity trends observed in our laboratory over the decades. We encourage and actively work with our clients to customize their screens to best suit their needs.

Pricing is dependent on the test(s) requested and the number of samples submitted. Please contact for a quote.

Other tests available for Cactaceae:




Carmovirus-Pelarspovirus group PCR test (Saguaro cactus virus) Carmo PCR
Carlavirus group PCR test (Cactus virus 2) Carla PCR
Pectobacterium group test Pecto PCR
Pectobacterium brasiliense Pbr PCR
Tobacco mosaic virus TMV ELISA