Bromovirus-Cucumovirus Group Test

This test reacts with a variety of viruses in the Alfamovirus, Anulavirus, Bromovirus, Cucumovirus, and Ilarvirus genera of the Bromoviridae family. The list below represents virus species that have been experimentally detected with our Bromovirus-Cucumovirus Group PCR and confirmed by sequencing.


  • Alfalfa mosaic virus (AMV)*
  • Bacopa chlorosis virus (BaCV)**
  • Broad bean mottle virus (BBMV)
  • Brome mosaic virus (BMV)
  • Cassia yellow blotch virus (CYBV)
  • Cowpea chlorotic mottle virus (CCMV)
  • Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV)  
  • Peanut stunt virus (PSV)
  • Pelargonium zonate spot virus (PZSV)***
  • Prunus virus I (PVI)**
  • Solanum nigrum ilarvirus 1 (SnIV 1)**
  • Spring beauty latent virus (SBLV)
  • Tomato aspermy virus (TAV)

*This is an Alfamovirus.

**This is an Ilarvirus.

***This is an Anulavirus.

The list below represents virus species that have not been experimentally detected, but based on in silico analysis, will likely be detected with our Bromovirus-Cucumovirus Group PCR. If you have a sample of one of these pathogens, please contact  


  • Ageratum latent virus (AgLV)
  • Amazon lily mild mottle virus (ALiMMV)
  • Citrus leaf rugose virus (CiLRV)
  • Gayfeather mild mottle virus (GMMV)
  • Olive latent virus 2 (OLV-2)
  • Melandrium yellow fleck virus (MYFV)
  • Parietaria mottle virus (PMoV)
  • Privet ringspot virus (PrRSV)
  • Spinach latent virus (SpLV)
  • Viola white distortion associated virus (VWDaV)

Pathogens are added to these lists as they are shown to be detected by in vitro or in silico analysis. Check here regularly for updates.