Orchid Pathogen Diagnostics

Our goal is to simplify pathogen detection so you can keep your collection healthy. We offer a suite of molecular and do-it-yourself (DIY) serological test kits and services for the detection of pathogens in orchids.

The two most common orchid viruses, Cymbidium mosaic virus (CymMV) and Odontoglossum ringspot virus (ORSV), are spread by humans, when propagating plants or cutting flowers. Both viruses are very stable and can survive for a long time on hands, cutting tools and other surfaces. Aphids and thrips can spread other viruses that frequently infect orchids.

Viral symptoms in orchids vary greatly from cultivar to cultivar, and even from plant to plant. Some typical symptoms on leaves include brown, black or yellow spots or streaks; ringspots and mosaic patterns. Some symptoms that may be evident on flowers are distorted shapes, brown streaks and color break.


Your samples, your results. Ship your samples to our ISO 17025-accredited Testing Services laboratory for rapid turn-around time on confidential results. We offer the most comprehensive portfolio of diagnostics for plant pathogens so you can mitigate disease and focus on delivering value to your clients.




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Test format: Find the best fit for you

See below for a breakdown of test format so you can decide which works best for you. Most of our friends from the orchid growing community choose ImmunoStrips as their format of choice due to their ease-of-use and ability to get a quick "yes/no" answer on whether their plant(s) are infected with the pathogen of interest.

Test Format


Best for


Easy to run on-site for immediate results.

Independently detects both viruses

No special lab equipment or experience required

Hobbyists & collectors

Field & greenhouse scouting


ELISA tests

Cost effective for large-scale screening

Good for high-throughput testing

Requires some lab equipment & training

Large-scale commercial use

with dedicated lab space

Testing Services
Orchid Screen

Submit your sample(s) to our ISO 17025-accredited

laboratory for a full Orchid Crop Screen

Confirmation of results

Covering all bases for orchid pathogens

ImmunoStrip How To Video

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