Agdia Releases New ImmunoStrip® for Detection of Emerging Viral Pathogen in Lilies.

Agdia Releases New ImmunoStrip® for Detection of Emerging Viral Pathogen in Lilies.

Figure 1. PlAMV symptoms on commercial Lilium variety. Image courtesy of John Hammond, USDA ARS


Agdia, Inc. (Elkhart, IN), a leading provider of plant pathogen diagnostic products and services, has commercialized an ImmunoStrip® assay for the detection of Plantago asiatica mosaic virus (PlAMV).

Plantago asiatica mosaic virus is a member of the Potexvirus genus and can cause considerable losses in the commercial production of ornamental lilies.  The host range of PlAMV includes species from at least 16 plant families, however, Lilium spp. and their hybrids are the main hosts of economic importance.  Symptoms (Figure 1.) vary between varieties and include leaf chlorosis and necrotic streaking, bud necrosis, and overall poor plant quality, whereas some infected plants may be asymptomatic.  This virus is spread via the national and international movement of propagative plant materials and no arthropod vector has been identified.

Agdia’s PlAMV ImmunoStrip® was screened against a diverse collection of PlAMV isolates from Europe, Asia, and the United States.  It detected 100% of all isolates tested.  This product was developed to detect PlAMV in leaf, root, and bulb tissue of multiple hosts and is capable of such in infected, asymptomatic tissue.  The introduction of this ImmunoStrip® is the fourth of 2018 for Agdia, bringing their total ImmunoStrip® catalog to 40 products.  High levels of market demand for field-deployable, plant pathogen detection products have driven this output and Agdia maintains that consumer demand is expected to continue.

The PlAMV ImmunoStrip® assay can be performed in the field or lab and does not require special equipment or prior diagnostic experience.  Test protocol is simple and includes: 1) Sample collection and extraction in Agdia buffer bags, 2) Exposing the ImmunoStrip® to the plant extract, and 3) allowing results to develop. Test results are available in minutes and visualized as a single control line or a control and test line for negative or positive results, respectively. 

The PlAMV ImmunoStrip® is sold in kits of 5 or 25 strips and kits include everything necessary to perform a test.  Agdia provides a 1-year warranty on purchased kits.  Diagnostic assays for the detection of PlAMV are also available in enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) formats. For more information on these products, in addition to Agdia’s full catalog of pathogen detection products, visit the company’s website at, e-mail, phone 1-574-264-2615 (toll-free 800-622-4342) or fax 1-574-264-2153.

ImmunoStrip® is a registered trademark of Agdia, Inc.