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Agdia Expands ImmunoStrip® Product Line with New Field Test for TRSV


Agdia, Inc. (Elkhart, IN), a leading provider of agricultural diagnostic tests and services, has announced the immediate availability of a new ImmunoStrip for Tobacco ringspot virus (TRSV). 

TRSV is a member of the genus Nepovirus and can infect a wide range of ornamental, fruit, vegetable and field crops.  It can be spread mechanically, through infected seed, as well as by nematodes and a variety of insects.  Depending on the host and the severity of infection, up to 100% crop loss can occur. 

Agdia's ImmunoStrip can be used to detect TRSV in the field without the need for any special equipment or prior diagnostic experience.  The test works by exposing the ImmunoStrip to a plant extract and within minutes it will tell you if the plant has detectable levels of TRSV.  As the test runs, one or two lines will appear indicating a negative or positive result, respectively.  Agdia provides a how-to-video (below) which provides a detailed overview of how to run an ImmunoStrip test.

Agdia claims the TRSV ImmunoStrip has been tested against more than 75 susceptible hosts with no observable non-specific reactions. Furthermore, when tested against infected tissue sources it demonstrated equivalent diagnostic sensitivity and similar analytical sensitivity to that of their commercially available TRSV ELISA, which is commonly used in testing laboratories.

The new assay complements Agdia’s offering of more than 30 different ImmunoStrip tests, including those designed for other Nepoviruses such as ArMV and ToRSV.

The TRSV ImmunoStrip is sold as kits of 5 and 25 tests.  ImmunoStrip kits include everything necessary to perform a test.  Agdia provides a 1 year warranty on purchased kits. For more information on the TRSV ImmunoStrip, visit the company’s website at www.agdia.com, e-mail info@agdia.com, phone 1-574-264-2615 (toll-free 800-622-4342) or fax 1-574-264-2153.


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