New ImmunoStrip® Commercialized By Agdia for Detection of Devastating Cucurbit and Tomato Virus

New ImmunoStrip® Commercialized By Agdia for Detection of Devastating Cucurbit and Tomato Virus

ToLCNDV ImmunoStrip showing a positive result


Agdia, Inc. (Elkhart, IN) has announced the immediate availability of a new rapid ImmunoStrip test for field detection of Tomato leaf curl New Delhi virus (ToLCNDV).

ToLCNDV is a whitefly transmitted Begomovirus that is known to infect important solanaceous crops such as tomato and pepper.  It also has been reported in zucchini, melons and other cucurbits.    According to the EPPO (European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization) bulletin it has become a widespread problem in parts of Asia and Europe, especially in Spain. The virus can cause severe symptoms in infected crops and heavy economic losses.

Agdia’s new ImmunoStrip is designed to allow onsite diagnosis of ToLCNDV in minutes.  This is particularly useful for a grower or a field inspector because the results are acquired in real-time and can help facilitate quicker management decisions.

“ToLCNDV, or most commonly known as "New Delhi", has caused huge losses in Spain the past few years in both greenhouses and open field crops.  Growers and seed companies were waiting for such an early detection tool to monitor their crops and eradicate diseased plants as symptoms appear” says Marcos Amato, General Manager of Agdia-Biofords (Agdia’s sister company located in France).

To use the test the end-user only needs to take a sample from a suspicious plant, insert it into a buffer filled extraction bag and grind it up using a pen or marker.  Once the sample has been extracted, which takes only a minute or two, the ImmunoStrip is added to the extract and begins to work.  Positive results are typically visible in 5 to 10 minutes.  Agdia recommends running the test for 30 minutes to rule out weak infections where lower concentrations of the virus may exist.

Agdia offers ToLCNDV ImmunoStrip kits in sizes of 5 and 25 strips.  Test kits include all the necessary materials to perform the assay.  For more information, Agdia can be contacted by phone at 800-622-4342 or by email at

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