Agdia, Inc Expands Their Line of Rapid Field Tests for Potato Viruses


Agdia, Inc., a leading provider of agricultural diagnostic tests and services, has announced the immediate availability of an ImmunoStrip for detection of Potato virus S (PVS) and an ImmunoStrip for simultaneous detection of Potato virus X (PVX) and Potato virus Y (PVY).

PVS is a Carlavirus that is transmitted mechanically and is distributed globally. PVS may produce mild symptoms in potato crops although it has been reported that some strains can be more severe on certain potato cultivars. Late blight resistance can also be compromised in Defender, a resistant cultivar, if infected with PVS1. Agdia has tested multiple strains of the virus to ensure detection.

PVY is also distributed widely and is of special concern to potato seed production. This is due to some strains causing tuber necrosis and significant yield loss. States that produce certified potato seed all have tolerances in place for PVY. While Agdia already has an ImmunoStrip test for PVY, a dual PVX / PVY infection can cause more severe symptoms and yield loss. The PVX / PVY combined ImmunoStrip has independent test lines for each virus allowing end users to determine if one or both pathogens are present.

The ImmunoStrip tests offered by Agdia allow end-users to test for these pathogens on-site and provides test results in minutes, following a simple protocol. They are often used by field inspectors as well as growers because of their ease-of-use and ability to confirm visual symptoms and / or test where symptoms may not be easily identified. All of Agdia’s ImmunoStrip tests for potato viruses can be ran in the same sample extract making it possible to test for several viruses at once.
ImmunoStrip kits are available in sizes of 5 and 25 tests. Kits can be ordered from Agdia by phone or on their website, Inquiries may also be emailed to

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