AmplifyRP® isothermal chemistry and AmpliFire® portable fluorometer

Get clear results from crude extracts in 30 minutes or less with our robust isothermal DNA/RNA detection & identification platform.

AmplifyRP® is an isothermal chemistry utilizing RPA (recombinase polymerase amplification) to produce rapid and sensitive detection of nucleic acid targets via end point lateral flow analysis or real-time fluorescent based amplification.


Work with us to develop a test on the AmplifyRP® platform. AmplifyRP® technology is compatible with most real-time PCR machines in addition to AmpliFire®.

Available targets include:

  • Plant pathogens
  • Native plant genes
  • GMO trait targets

Try it yourself with a Discovery Kit, or contact us to brainstorm ideas. See below for an introduction to assay design considerations


Bring your test to the field with the AmpliFire®, a portable, 3-channel isothermal fluorometer.

AmpliFire® is chemistry agnostic, so you can use it with AmplifyRP®, LAMP or any other isothermal chemistry compatible with the included channels.

AmplifyRP® Discovery Kits: Designing Your Own Assay

Primer Design Considerations

  • Amplicon total size < 250 base pairs
  • Primer length 28 - 35 nucleotides
  • Avoid homodimers & heterodimers
  • Minimize degeneracy
  • Acceler8® - 5’ biotin label required
  • Similar melting temperature

Probe Design Considerations

  • Probe length 46 - 52 nucleotides
  • Avoid homodimers & heterodimers
  • Avoid secondary structures
  • Acceler8® - 5’ FAM label, internal THF (replaces any nucleotide), & 3’ blocker
  • XRT internal fluorophore (replaces a “T” nucleotide, internal THF (replaces any nucleotide), internal quencher (replaces a “T” nucleotide), & 3’ blocker

Example Oligos

This site provides information using PDF, visit this link to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC software.