Agdia Releases New Molecular Test for Avocado Sunblotch Viroid


Agdia, Inc. (Elkhart, IN) has commercialized a Nucleic Acid Hybridization Assay for Avocado sunblotch viroid (ASBVd).

ASBVd is found in avocado growing regions worldwide.  Trees that are infected with ASBVd can result in a loss of yield and / or production of unmarketable fruit.  However, symptoms are not always present making pro-active testing a critical disease control measure.

Agdia's Nucleic Acid Hybridization Assay is a convenient and economical method for testing hundreds of trees at once.  Its high sensitivity allows combining up to 8 leaves from each of 4 trees, or a total of 32 leaves, for analysis.   The assay's limit of detection is approximately 12.5 picograms of in vitro expressed ASBVd RNA.

Users are only required to prepare sample extracts and spot them onto a specially treated membrane, which is provided in the kit.  Once this is completed, the membrane is then shipped to Agdia's Testing Services Department where the chemiluminescent hybridization is performed by highly trained technicians.  In most cases, results are reported within 48 hours of the lab receiving the membrane.

Agdia's ASBVd assay is a very economical testing method to implement, costing less than $1.00 per tree for analysis.  It is recommended for use in certification programs or for testing of mother stock, where accurate and high sensitivity testing is essential.

More information about the test can be found on Agdia's website.

Agdia can also run an avocado screen, which includes ASBVd and other pathogens, on samples that are sent to their laboratory.  Information on how to send samples to Agdia for testing can also be found on Agdia's website.

About Agdia

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