Detect PVX In Minutes Using New Rapid ImmunoStrip From Agdia


Elkhart, Indiana (November 5th, 2014) -- Agdia, Inc is pleased to announce the immediate availability of a rapid lateral flow test (ImmunoStrip®) for detection of Potato virus X (PVX) in potato.

The PVX ImmunoStrip is an easy-to-use diagnostic that can be performed virtually anywhere, including the field, to test suspect plants for the pathogen.  It is specific to PVX and is not known to cross react with other pathogens in potato. 

Conveniently, The PVX ImmunoStrip may also be used simultaneously with Agdia's PVY ImmunoStrip in the same sample extract.  This is specially useful for seed certification inspectors or growers who want to quickly identify either virus in a plant. Dual PVX and PVY infections are known to cause more severe disease symptoms and can cause increased yield loss.

Agdia's ImmunoStrips require no laboratory experience or equipment to run.  The entire testing process including sample preparation takes only minutes.  This helps facilitate faster and more informed management decisions by end-users.  More information on the PVX ImmunoStrip and other potato diagnostics can be found on Agdia's website at  

About Agdia

Agdia is a world-leader in developing and marketing agricultural diagnostics. The PVX ImmunoStrip is ready for immediate sale and complements Agdia’s comprehensive portfolio of potato diagnostics.

For 33 years Agdia has provided diagnostic solutions to the agriculture industry. Agdia offers not only diagnostics test kits, but also a plant pathogen testing services program. For more information about Agdia products and services, contact the organization at 800-622-4342 or through its web site,