Agdia Commercializes ELISA for testing Vip3A corn varieties


Elkhart, Indiana (May 11th, 2015) -- Agdia, Inc., a leading provider of easy-to-use test kits for agricultural diagnostics, announces commercialization of a new ELISA assay for detection of Vip3A protein expressed in transgenic corn, event MIR162.

The Vip3A ELISA was specifically developed and validated for trait confirmation testing of seed lots using either individual kernels or leaf material. The assay is sensitive enough to detect 1 Vip3A kernel in 100 negative kernels (1%).

The Agdia Vip3A ELISA is a complete kit, including antibody-coated microtiter plates, enzyme conjugate, positive control, and extraction/wash buffers.  Consistent with other ELISA assays in Agdia's trait testing portfolio, the Vip3A protocol was designed with high-throughput testing and ease-of-use in mind. Utilizing a common extraction process and short incubation steps the entire test is completed in less than 2 hours.

About Agdia

Agdia is a world-leader in developing and marketing agricultural diagnostics. The Vip3A ELISA is ready for immediate sale and complements Agdia’s comprehensive portfolio of validated, easy-to-use ELISAs for identifying transgenic traits.  

For 34 years Agdia has provided diagnostic solutions to the agriculture industry. Agdia offers not only diagnostics test kits, but also a plant pathogen testing services program. For more information about Agdia products and services, contact the organization at 800-622-4342 or through its web site,