Potexvirus Group Test

This test reacts with a variety of viruses in the Potexvirus genus. The list below represents Potexviruses that have been experimentally detected with our Potexvirus Group PCR and confirmed by sequencing.


  • Alfalfa virus S (AVS)
  • Alternanthera mosaic virus (AltMV)
  • Clover yellow mosaic virus (ClYMV)
  • Cymbidium mosaic virus (CymMV)
  • Foxtail mosaic virus (FoMV)
  • Hosta virus X (HVX)
  • Hydrangea ringspot virus (HdRSV)
  • Lolium latent virus (LLV)
  • Nandina mosaic virus (PlAMV-Nandina)
  • Narcissus mosaic virus (NMV)
  • Papaya mosaic virus (PapMV)
  • Pepino mosaic virus (PepMV)
  • Plantago asiatica mosaic virus (PlAMV)
  • Potato aucuba mosaic virus (PAMV)
  • Potato virus X (PVX)
  • Schlumbergera virus X (SchVX)
  • Strawberry mild yellow edge virus (SMYEV)
  • White clover mosaic virus (WClMV)

The list below represents Potexviruses that have not been experimentally detected, but based on in silico analysis, will likely be detected with our Potexvirus Group PCR. If you have a sample of one of these pathogens, please contact testing@agdia.com.  


  • Allium virus X (AVX)
  • Alstroemeria virus X (AlsVX)
  • Asparagus virus 3 (AV-3)
  • Bamboo mosaic virus (BaMV)
  • Cactus virus X (CVX)
  • Cassava common mosaic virus (CsCMV)
  • Cassava virus X (CsVX)
  • Lettuce virus X (LeVX)
  • Lily virus X (LVX)
  • Malva mosaic virus (MalMV)
  • Mint virus X (MVX)
  • Nerine virus X (NVX)
  • Opuntia virus X (OpVX)
  • Phaius virus X (PhVX)
  • Pitaya virus X (PiVX)
  • Tamus red mosaic virus (TRMV)
  • Tulip virus X (TVX)
  • Vanilla virus X (VVX)
  • Yam virus X (YVX)
  • Zygocactus virus X (ZyVX)

Pathogens are added to these lists as they are shown to be detected by in vitro or in silico analysis. Check here regularly for updates.