Be Aware - Phishing scams on the rise.

Agdia has received reports from a handful of clients that they are receiving bogus emails from what appears to be, on the surface, a valid Agdia email address.  If you receive an email from Agdia (or anyone for that matter) that is related to, or asking for, personal or financial information please be sure to take the following steps to ensure the correspondence is valid, and not just a phishing scam.

1.  Check that the return email address is actually from an domain.  Many times scammers can make it appear as if the "from" email address is coming from a valid Agdia domain, however, if you double click on it or inspect further it is actually coming from a completely different domain.  For example, in your email box it may appear that an email is coming from but if you double click on the address it is actually coming from a gmail account.  If you receive an email like this, do not reply to it or open any attachments.  The best course of action is the delete the email.

2. Read the entire email before clicking on any hyperlinks and opening any attachments.  If the email reads funny or just doesn't seem relevant to the business you have done with us, it is probably coming from another source and is a phishing scam.  If you simply aren't sure if the email is valid, contact us!  We can assist you to verify whether or not the correspondence is legitimate.

3.  Agdia does send invoices via email but we DO NOT ask for financial information, such as credit card numbers, to be sent to us via email.  It is an unsafe practice.  We always request that sensitive information is sent by fax (574-264-2153) or is provided to one of our staff via phone.  Online orders may be securely paid for via credit card on our website  If you receive an email asking for financial information on behalf of Agdia, please do not reply to it and contact us if there is any concern.

Below is a link to an article published by an email hosting provider that offers some additional and valuable insight regarding this unfortunate practice:

Again, if you are ever suspicious about an email that appears to be from Agdia... please contact us before doing anything with it.  While there is not much we can do to prevent this malicious behavior we can assist you in verifying its legitimacy.